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8.International H.Gezer Sculpture Symposium/in Mersin in Türkiye
Until 24th september


Mersin University and Mersin Metropolitan Municipality are going organize "8.International H.Gezer Sculpture Symposium " in Mersin in Türkiye between 01-30 november 2010. Until 24th september please sent your proposal/s for 3 cubic meter white marble. There are no thems but most preferred figuratif proposals .
Accommodations(single room), Economy flight from your country to Adana airport and back ( you don't need to pay ticket, we organize for you.You become only info about your flight),transfer from Adana Airport to Mersin, Food, Marble 3 cubic meter and 10.000.-TL als honorarium payable.
contact :
Organizator Prof. Berika İpekbayrak

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