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August 31st, 2010

The Municipality of Jesi in collaboration with the International School of Comics promotes a “competition for the planning of a public location with the dual identity of traditional seating and internet service". The final result will be a place of meeting and congregation, where people will be able to use the free internet service or where it will be possible to just sit and read a newspaper. The contest is open to university students or students of design schools, both public and private, and to all professionals who work in the Industrial Design and Architecture sectors.
Participation can be individual or a group. Participation is free. SUITABLE MATERIALS:
- Metalwork according to the following specifications: no pressed fused molding; no molding by fusion in shell; no CNC workmanship from a solid.
- Plastics transformed according to the following specifications: no injection molding; no CNC workmanship from a solid.
- Woodwork according to the following specifications: no CNC workmanship from a solid.
- Glasswork according to the following specifications: cut from plain plate. SUITABLE DIMENSIONS:
- 2/3 standard seat.
- maximum weight around 150 kgs.
Possibility to integrate 12V lighting (no 220V) and solar panels . The winner will be offered Euro 5.000,00, the realization and the marketing of his/her own project.
For detailed information on how to participate ( required documentation and contact address), please visit the web site: at the section "Opportunities”

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